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Anthony Hill is from the town of Newcastle in Australia. Anthony started training at home in a gym his father built for him while still a teenager in school after noticing Arnold Schwarzenegger for the first time in the movie Predator. Just before finishing school, Anthony joined the well-known Newcastle bodybuilder’s hangout, Charlestown Gym. It was while working out here that Anthony met and became training partners with some of Australia’s best and most successful champion bodybuilders. Back in the day, this was the gym of choice for a number of former Mr. Australia and Mr. Universe bodybuilding champions. It was here that Anthony began his lifelong quest to learn about the best training techniques for gaining muscle fast. He learned, through trial and error, the best practices to avoid injuries by using strict form while performing exercises, and learned from the best bodybuilders in the country on how to eat for both building muscle mass, as well as dieting techniques for cutting the body to the lowest of body fat percentages.

His Experiences Shaped His Passion and Dedication

Anthony is a six-foot-tall bodybuilder with a long history as a personal trainer and motivator. In 2005, Anthony moved to Bangkok, Thailand, to take up a position as the fitness manager and head personal trainer at one of Bangkok’s biggest international sports clubs.

He has travelled the world and worked out in some of the best gyms on the planet, including Gold’s Gym in California and the very gym that the great Arnold Schwarzenegger began his bodybuilding career in, the Graz Athletic Union in Graz, Austria.

Having been training now for three decades, Anthony, now in his 40s, is still as keen on bodybuilding and health and fitness as he was years ago. Over the last 30 years, he has amassed an encyclopaedia worth of health and fitness training and nutrition knowledge that he shares in the Over 40 Health & Fitness website and easy-to-follow health, fitness and bodybuilding manual.

The Fitness Secrets book is suitable for individuals who have never exercised before, or those who have exercised before but want to get serious now. This is also for those who need a little help and direction through some definite practical advice on what works from someone who has done it all before with great results.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals While Enjoying Your Journey

No matter what your current level of fitness is, with a little bit of hard work, some discipline, combined with Anthony’s expert advice, you can expect to see noticeable results sooner than you think. For those of you who love to eat, you’re in luck as Anthony likes to eat anything and everything (in moderation of course)! If you stick to the plan, you will still be able to indulge in your favourite foods on his specially designed, proven, and tested eating plans for losing weight, gaining muscle fast, and everything in between. Inside the membership area, you will see videos and pictures of Anthony perform all the exercises he currently uses today and correct techniques to keep his body lean, muscular, and injury-free with detailed explanations. The Over 40 Health & Fitness website and the Fitness Secrets book is designed as an all-around health and fitness guide specifically intended to help those looking to lose weight safely without sacrificing the joys of eating. These guides will also benefit those looking to make quality muscle gains in the shortest possible time through correct training programs and a healthy, consistent eating plan. Anthony advises all readers to have a general health check with their local doctor before embarking on any new exercise program.

There ‘s No Better Time To Start Than Now!

If your goal is to lose body fat while you begin to increase your strength, there is no better time to start than right now. It might seem a little intimidating to join a gym and start training in front of a bunch of strangers, especially if you have never done it before, which is exactly why we started the Over 40 Health & Fitness website. For those of you who are looking to build your self-confidence, you are definitely moving in the right direction by starting a training program. Nothing will do more to build your self-esteem or give you the confidence you deserve to enjoy than a regular fitness program. It is not only a healthy pursuit for your body and mind but by joining the Over 40 Health Fitness 12-Week Challenge, you will improve your body, health and fitness.

Something to inspire you by…

I can say with confidence that your decision to embark on the Over 40 Health & Fitness training program might just be the best decision you have ever made in your life. Millions and millions of people around the world work out every day in one form or another and enjoy a better quality of life as a result. Regular exercising will change your life and is the best investment you will ever make today. Bodybuilding has without doubt been the single biggest influence in my life. I can look back over all the success I have achieved in my life and see the roots of that success coming from my bodybuilding. The majority of my closest friends and the most valuable relationships I have built in my life have either come directly or indirectly from bodybuilding and exercising. A large portion of the valuable lessons I have learned throughout my life and the great health I have enjoyed during my years I can attribute to the disciplines that have stemmed from my devotion to the health and fitness lifestyle.
Deciding to be a bodybuilder and personal trainer is the best choice I ever made in my life. It has given me so much of what I wanted, and I can only hope it does for you what it has done for me. I want to invite you to hang out with me and other amazing people just like you. Spend time watching our videos, coming to our events and make friends with other people like you. They may be in a different place of fitness and health and have different aspirations, but they have the same goal. They want to live a longer life by keeping fit, healthy, and motivated. That’s been my driving force, and I am happy to have the chance to work with people like you who want to do the same thing. I encourage you to master the exercises in this book. Really become the vehicle for change I know you can be. After you have done that, I encourage you to go deeper. Spend more time with us and figure out how you can take your life to the next level.

Thanks for spending this time with me, and I wish you all the happiness and good health you can dream of.

Talk Soon,
Anthony Hill