The Two Important Things You Need to Avoid a Hangover

It’s much more important to understand how to avoid a hangover than it is to deal with a hangover once you have one. Of course, the easiest and most effective way to avoid a hangover is not to drink any alcohol at all. But for those who like a drink, in this article, I’ll explain just how easy it is to lessen the impact of alcohol on your weary brain after a moderate to heavy drinking session.



The best approach to avoid a hangover is to first get an understanding of what causes a hangover. The reason your head hurts the day after a big drinking session is basically because your brain is dehydrated. Your brain comprises approximately 90% water, and when you drink alcohol, dehydration sets in. Your body is thirsty, and your brain is in a shrunken state inside your skull.

When you feel pain throughout the other parts of your body due to the hangover, it’s often for the same reasons that your body suffers from dehydration. Although different organs within your body are made up of differing percentages of water, the human body, in general, is made up of about 70% water overall.


How to avoid a hangover in the simplest of ways requires just a little bit of common sense. While you’re drinking, try drinking a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink during your drinking session. Before you begin drinking, take some vitamin B and vitamin C supplements, or you can even mix your drinks with fruit juices that contain these vitamins.

Vitamin B and vitamin C are the number one vitamins that fight to repair the body from the inside out. Vitamin B is commonly associated with helping the body recover from physical and mental stress. Vitamin C is probably the most important vitamin you can ever take since it aids in the recovery and repair process of cells within the body.

It’ll be wise to take a potent B Complex supplement before and after your drinking session, and you can take as much as 5,000mg or more of vitamin C before and after you drink heavily.

Probably the most important thing to do to avoid a hangover is to drink copious amounts of water after your drinking session right up until you go to bed. There is no set amount of water you must consume after drinking and before bed, but I’d suggest drinking one to two litres before you retire for the night. In most cases, the more water you drink before you go to bed, the better you’ll feel the next day.

If you eat foods containing complex carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, rice or cereals with your water intake, the carbs will help to store the water in your body and help fight against the effects of dehydration.

Take a bottle of water and position it at bedside while you’re sleeping. If you wake up in the night, guzzle as much water as you can. If your mouth is dry, that is an indication of dehydration and you should drink up.

Depending on how much alcohol you drink, you may not be able to avoid a hangover entirely, but the water and the B and C vitamins will help ease the intensity of your hangover the next day.

A hangover is your body’s way of telling you that this is what happens when you drink too much. Of course, you can’t just consume alcohol without experiencing the bad effects. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid alcohol altogether.

What I’m telling you here is that you either drink in moderation to avoid a hangover, or take these steps to avoid having a really bad one the next day. It’s really your call.


Anthony Hill

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