Foods that Boost Your Libido

As you get older, your relationship with sex changes. Challenges that were never there before are suddenly front and centre and addressing these challenges becomes something of an elephant in the room.

I have always been a believer that my body goals were 70% met in the kitchen and 30% in the gym. So, I reasoned that I could combat my own issues with erectile dysfunction in the same way, by eating the right foods. Here are the foods you should be eating to boost your libido and improve erectile function.



While not the nicest tasting thing on this list, beetroot juice is a potent reducer of artery stiffness and high blood pressure. Drinking 8.5 ounces a day for a month should improve your blood vessel dilation capacity, thereby improving stiffness when the time comes.


Eating a bunch of grapes a day will give your sex drive a boost. It might sound a lot, but grapes have resveratrol in them. This boosts sperm production and naturally raises testosterone levels. This will increase your appetite for sex and improve fertility.


Aside from being a great source of protein, spinach also improves both of your sex lives. The high magnesium content in spinach decreases blood vessel inflammation and increases blood flow. Not only will this increase blood flow to the penis and improve erectile function, in women, the increased blood flow makes sex more pleasurable and makes it easier for her to orgasm.


Turn up the heat in the bedroom and your mouth by getting more chilli peppers in your diet. The capsaicin in chillies improves blood flow by relaxing your arteries. If you are smashing some high-intensity workouts, capsaicin will also give them a boost. A recent academic study fed the ingredient to mice and found that capsaicin improved glucose concentration, boosting energy levels and combatting fatigue.


The high level of vitamin D content in tuna naturally boosts testosterone levels by up to 90%. Consume a can a day to reignite your interest in sex and get your sex life back on track.


Dark chocolate boosts your sex life in two ways. Firstly, it stimulates serotonin release and heightens dopamine levels in the brain. This reduces stress and anxiety, therefore assisting with any psychological obstacles getting in the way.

The high cocoa content also improves blood flow to your nether regions, overcoming any physical barriers to your sex life. This two-pronged approach should naturally overcome any libido stifling problems.


Kale, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage are all vegetables that can help with erectile dysfunction and other issues in the bedroom. These useful veggies all block oestrogen by regulating levels of oestradiol. By reducing oestradiol, your body can get a natural testosterone lift. You can also get the same benefit by taking a DIM supplement.


Oysters have been hailed as an aphrodisiac since Roman times. The high zinc content in these slimy molluscs boosts testosterone levels and growth hormone levels, raising sexual performance as well as gym performance.

Cook your way to a healthier sex life with these foods that can boost your libido. Just bear in mind, these are not quick fixes, but work by adopting them regularly into your diet. Try it yourself and see what works for you.


Anthony Hill

When you put together the sum total of my 30 years of bodybuilding training, the contests, the vast array of diets I have experimented (tortured) myself with as well as the experiences I have been through with various training partners in the gyms I have trained in all over the world, it’s been a great ride and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to be able to do lots of personal training for private clients alongside my day job. For a few years during my 30’s, I moved to Asia and worked as the Fitness Manager and head personal trainer at one of Thailand’s leading gyms in Bangkok. Learn More

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