Give Your Best and Everything Will Be Worth It

If you’re a self-motivated person, you generally feel like you’re on top of things and in control of your life. Self-motivated people usually display a higher level of confidence than most others, and less motivated people easily pick up on this. I’ll tell you more about this story and why you should give your best all the time below.



I remember when I was in school there was a guy who was a few years older than me who was in almost every sports team in our school. He’s in the tennis, swimming, track, water polo, rugby and hockey teams and he was also my neighbour. He’d swim for miles in the local public pool before school and run laps around the park near my house after school almost every day.

On top of this, his grades were excellent, I really wondered how he found the motivation to do so much. So when I made the school tennis team, which was when he was in his last year of high school, I worked up the courage to ask him. Before that, I had been too shy to ask him because I always looked upon him as being like the six million dollar man and just too cool for school. What he told me, I’ll never forget.

I expected that perhaps his parents were the type of people who demanded excellence from him in everything he did and he’s constantly under pressure at home, but this was not the case. He told me his parents never pushed him in sports or with his studies and that they were also amazed at how motivated he was towards anything he pursued. So, of course, this leads me to ask him the most obvious question.

Why are you so motivated and how do you keep up the motivation? His answer seemed so simple and it’s almost as if he thought everyone else thought of him as just a regular guy, although I’m sure he knew this was not the case. Before I mention what he said, I’d like to add that this guy was only 18 years old at the time.


He told me he always had a plan and he works towards that plan every day. If it’s swimming he’s doing, he pushes himself as hard as he can when he’s in the pool. When he’s running on the track or playing tennis, he gives it 100% of his concentration while he’s there.

It didn’t matter what he did, he pushed himself as hard as he could while he’s in that moment. He told me he lived in the moment and the moment will not be around forever. Whether or not he’d ever come back in another life he didn’t know, but what he did know was he’ll never again relive each moment he has right now, so he makes the most of every moment.

He said this was how he lived and he couldn’t imagine living any other way. Looking back now he certainly sounded older than a guy of only eighteen years.


While talking with him I realized the only person putting any pressure on him was himself. He told me he was constantly asking himself, is this the best I can be? I guess he continued to ask himself that question for a while after he left school because although I lost contact with him after he finished school, I remember my dad telling me he read in the newspaper that my motivated friend had made the Australian Olympic team a few years later.

Although I see myself as a very motivated person, I don’t put myself in the same category as my old school friend and honestly, I think he’s one in a million. However, meeting somebody who’s so motivated to take action on such a scale with everything he does has had a lasting effect on me.

It showed me that if something is important to you, why shouldn’t you give it everything you’ve got? There’ll always be time to rest and relax, but while you’re engaged in the pursuit of a project, no matter what it may be, stop once in a while and ask yourself. Is this the best I can do?

If you’re spending one hour per day playing a sport, practising a musical instrument, learning a new language or maybe building a website, make it a good hour. A constructive hour lasts the same amount of time as a lazy hour so why not make it count. When you do your best, you walk away with a feeling of satisfaction and that’s got to be the greatest feeling of all.


Anthony Hill

When you put together the sum total of my 30 years of bodybuilding training, the contests, the vast array of diets I have experimented (tortured) myself with as well as the experiences I have been through with various training partners in the gyms I have trained in all over the world, it’s been a great ride and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to be able to do lots of personal training for private clients alongside my day job. For a few years during my 30’s, I moved to Asia and worked as the Fitness Manager and head personal trainer at one of Thailand’s leading gyms in Bangkok. Learn More

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