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If you are looking to build muscle and burn body fat, then this program is for you. Anthony Hill, the creator of this video program made this challenge to guide your exercise and nutrition plans to give you consistent results. Phase one starts here with easy-to-follow videos of total body exercises, and it gets even more amazing from here on!

Over 40 Health and Fitness TV has video episodes of personal insights from Anthony Hill, covering a wide range of topics from exercise and nutrition to personal growth and outlook on life. Start from Episode 1: “You are the Magic Fairy”.

The Library is an organised collection of everything Anthony Hill and our contributors have written about key topics that men over 40 need to know. Fitness, Health, Life, Mind, Nutrition, Personal Growth, Style and Weight Loss – The Library covers it all.

You can find the latest podcasts in the Podcasts Page as they become available.


Getting started with your health and fitness goals is easy – and free! Head to our homepage or click here and fill in your first name and your email address. Tick the checkbox that says “I’m not a robot”, then click “Sign Up Now”. We’ll send you your log-in information by email within a few minutes. Follow the instructions to enjoy your very own Over 40 Health and Fitness account.

To log in, head to the Over 40 Health and Fitness website and click the Member Login link at the upper right or under the ☰ menu. You can also click here. Log in to your account using your username and your password, and click the “Log In” button to get started.

Head to the Member Login page from the Over 40 Health and Fitness website or click here. Click the “Lost your password” link. Enter your username or the email address you used to sign up for Over 40 Health and Fitness. We’ll send you your log-in information by email within a few minutes. Follow the instructions to log back in.

Log in with your Over 40 Health and Fitness account. You will find a Logout link at the upper right corner of the website or under the ☰ menu – click that to open a submenu. This will take you to your Account Information Page. Click on the link that says “edit your password and account details“. Input your updated information in the form that appears. Click the “Save” button to save the changes you made to your account.

You will find a Logout Link upper right corner of the website or under the ☰ menu – click that to open a submenu. You will be asked if “Are you sure you want to log out?” Click on the “Confirm and log out” link to log off your Over 40 Health and Fitness account from the computer or device you are using.


You can find your access and content in the email updates we send to your registered email account. Visit our product page to get updated on new Bonus Articles, Podcasts, eBooks and Videos as soon as they become available for you.

With an upgraded Over 40 Health and Fitness membership plan, you get more access to workout and nutrition plans to kickstart your fitness journey. Starting from our Silver plan, you also get the benefit of our Jumpstart 12-week Video Program – Ignite – our most popular plan! You also get the print edition of Anthony Hill’s “Fitness Secrets”, plus so much more. For more details and testimonials, head over to our club page.

The Ignite Program is a bonus offer coming soon to our upgraded membership plans. This is a 1-year program consisting of 1-on-1 personal coaching, customised workout and diet plans, and 100% support from Anthony himself. He will guide you through the weight loss process personally and will ensure you stay on top of your progress and goals.

In our Join the Club page, you will be able to select a package to upgrade your account to. Select a package, and you will be taken to the check-out page. Confirm your Billing Address details and update the form as necessary. Then input your Card Number, the Expiration Date and the Security Code. Click Submit and Check Out to complete the upgrade.

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We ask for this information for your security, as it verifies to the bank that a credit card is in the physical possession of the person attempting to use it. See this diagram for information on how to locate your CVV/CVV2 Security Code on the card itself.


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