High Protein Low-Fat Low Carb Meals to Try

Going to the gym to lift weights and do cardio exercises is only half of the story. What you must never forget if you want to build muscle, lose weight or stay fit is that the other half of the story is all about what you eat. In my experience, I’ve always found the combination of high protein low-fat low carb meals to be the most effective one in helping me achieve my fitness goals. If you want to try this out and see the results for yourself, I have some meals here you can try.


Meal 1:

  • 185 grams can of tuna in spring water
  • ¼  fresh pineapple in pieces

Meal 2:

  • 200 grams lean beef
  • ¼  bunch of broccoli
  • 1 medium carrot, sliced
  • lettuce
  • tomato

Meal 3:

  • 180 grams skinless chicken breast
  • mixed salad or coleslaw

Meal 4:

  • 200 grams fresh fish, grilled
  • light herb dressing
  • mixed salad

Meal 5:

  • omelette – 4 egg whites, 1 yolk, lightly peppered
  • 70 grams sliced ham
  • 1 slice low-fat cheese  


As you can see, the meals above focuses on high protein low-fat foods. But since we also want to add carbs to the meals, these are your low-carb options:

  • Add between ½ – 1 cup boiled rice to any of the above meals to increase complex carbohydrates in meals throughout the day, but don’t add any excess carbs after 5 pm.
  • Add 1 cup uncooked pasta, about 100-120 grams, this will be a good serving size when cooked into meals 2-3 hours before high-intensity training or for loading the muscles with glycogen the day before serious exercise or endurance competition.
  • Add 100-150 grams of boiled potatoes, mashed with skim milk, about 1-2 hours before exercise. The potato turns to sugar in the body quicker than with most other complex carbs, so you’d need to eat closer to exercise time to get the same benefit.

Living healthy and staying healthy is, indeed, a lifestyle change. Just like with working out, you have to get into the habit of eating right. Eating these high protein low-fat low carb meals may seem challenging at first, but once your body gets adjusted, you’ll immediately see the results of your hard work and sacrifices.


Anthony Hill

When you put together the sum total of my 30 years of bodybuilding training, the contests, the vast array of diets I have experimented (tortured) myself with as well as the experiences I have been through with various training partners in the gyms I have trained in all over the world, it’s been a great ride and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to be able to do lots of personal training for private clients alongside my day job. For a few years during my 30’s, I moved to Asia and worked as the Fitness Manager and head personal trainer at one of Thailand’s leading gyms in Bangkok. Learn More

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