"I didn't have an actual system that worked - it was throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. Now after a few months after beginning the course and I am feeling great and have lost 19 kilos."

Paul W, 52

Epping, NSW. Australia

"If you enjoy fitness and being in a motivated community of women and men this is your place. Looking forward to completing the video courses!"

Olivia H, 38

Central Coast, NSW. Australia

"A commercial gym can be an intimidating place when you’re out of shape. The program gave me a jump start to get my confidence back, right in my own home, in my own time, away from everybody else."

S Becker, 41

Canning Vale, WA. Australia

"The biggest benefit is having a system and a process to follow. You provided the framework I didn't have. The results you promised at the beginning were met because the support you provided kept me motivated. The program and content are awesome. They have opened my mind up to new ways of staying healthy and fit. I have recommended it to colleagues of mine."

Lee C, 48

Surfside, FL. USA

"Love the guides from Anthony Hill and the team, they're good people that help you become better, inside and out!"

Lucy A, 43

Perth, WA. Australia

"Anthony is really passionate about health and fitness and helping people succeed, get fitter and live a better life. The exercises he provides specifically for over 40 men really helped me."

Shaun R, 48

Mt Barker, SA. Australia

"The changes are more than just physical. I feel fantastic, I really do. I've got more energy, I think I look a lot brighter, and I've definitely got a spring back in my step now."

Tom B, 42

Boston, Lincolnshire, UK

"I asked my kids 'what was the best thing about Daddy doing this program?' and they said ‘because we get to eat together as a family, and Daddy has more energy to play games outside with us'."

Andrew W, 49

Castle Hill, NSW. Australia

"Super appreciate the content provided here. They have been a great influence in my life, and so glad I gave this a try!"

Ann C, 41

Griffith, NSW. Australia

"I have tried a few programs before but they were too advanced and created by people not my age, Anthony knows what it is like to be over 40 and has tailored the program for guys just like me, thanks so much for your guidance and support."

Mick H, 54

Kedron, QLD. Australia

"If you want to be the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally the challenge is the first step, and the motivational and mindset videos kept me on track."

Joel S, 52

Docklands, VIC. Australia

"Went from overweight to fit and active. Fitness Secrets makes it sound easy and attainable - and that's just the push I needed."

Claire, 47